Clan Creation Template

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Clan Creation Template

Post by Satoshi on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:35 am

Name: Japanese name please. Note that clan names are usually the same as one's surname or last name.

Founder: The name of the person who first created this clan.

Location: Where the clan is located, favorably, a village or land, or at least a headquarters or base.

History: Two to three paragraphs (300 - 450 words) on how your clan came to be and what is currently going on.

Special Info: If you have any ranking system for your members or any other conditions that they must be aware of then this is the section to make them aware of it... Also include the bloodline this clan has, if any, along with special abilities your clan may have or natural affinities, or techniques that only this clan can utilize, etc. Please note that this is not where you list any Special Characteristics (ex: Chakra Control). There is a section for this below.

Requirements: How you become a clan member, how you're kicked out, what you have to do to stay in the clan, if any. Asides from IC requirements, you may state OOC requirements as well and state if this clan is open to others to join or not.

Current Members: Merely list the members of your clan, if they are RPCs a link to their profile would be appreciated. NPCs need not be listed but may be if you wish.

Jutsu: If there are specific jutsus that this clan utilizes.


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